Race: VIII BILBAO TRIATHLON 2019 (OLIMPICO). (05/10/2019)
Registration of Foreigners Federated



From opening to 07/05/2019: 50+2€ for chip rental  (for participants with license) 

From 08/05/2019  to 29/09/2019: 60+2€ for chip rental (for participants with license) 



REGISTRATION CLOSING  29/09/2019 (in case of not running out of registrations )



Before 02/07/2019 we will refund 50%. Only in case of injury or accident (it's compulsory to confirm it by medical report)

After 02/07/2019: Returns are not admitted under any concept.

Change of holder of the inscription until 29/09/2019: 25€ 

*TO BE ABLE TO TAKE PART IN BILBAO TRIATHLON 2018 IT’S NOT COMPULSORY TO HAVE A FEDERATIVE LICENSE. Participants without license, should pay a one-day insurance (15€)






Licence number: * Birth Date: *
Name: * Registration date: 25/08/2019 17:47:06
Surname: * Team: *
Postal Code * Comments / Club / Nationality:
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Town: Gender: Male Female
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- *If you do not fill anything chip

SI NO TIENES CHIP EN PROPIEDAD de CHAMPIONCHIP, DEJA ESTOS CAMPOS EN BLANCO. Si el código no es válido, se tendrá que abonar 2 euros a la entrega del chip de alquiler.

03) ID number:  *
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12) Team:  *
13) Person of contact in case of emergency the day of the race:  *
14) Telephone number of the person of contact:  *
15) Where will you sleep during your visit to Bilbao?: 
16) Will you come alone or with family /friends?: 
17) Which bicycle brand do you use?: 
18) Which neoprene brand do you usually use?: 
19) Which sport shoes brand do you usually use?: 
20) Trouser size: 
21) Shoes size:  *

YES Validate this form, it's accept the rules of the competition.

He leído y acepto las siguientes condiciones de inscripción y participación en la competición deportiva